Just when you thought it was safe they use the "c" word

"How are you doing today?" Seriously??? friggin' awesome...its 98 degrees, I got 5 kids here, tomorrow is the last day of school and I got STUPID DUMB BREAST CANCER, I am doing great! Well, when you ask a stupid question I will give you a sarcastic answer.

Meeting with Doc #1 went just perfect until she used the "c" word and we were shocked. I mean how dare her use that language around my delicate ears. When she said chemo I almost walked out!!! There is a chance I may need it, that pisses me right off. I mean I have good hair. Now that will only happen in 3 different scenarios. I will not bore you with those and to be honest the only one who really understands is the doc, MC and google. If I have chemo be ready to see all my girls with shaved heads, RIGHT!!!!!!!! Notice that is not a question.  I have decided that I need to be looking at the worse case here. I was going along thinking ...oh it is just clogged ducted, oh they will remove it and that will be it, oh I won't need a mastectomy....then we get hit with a rock. Granted stupid dumb breast cancer hit me like a little bitch but still hit me! So we are preparing for the worse now.The docs will set up the surgery date and it will be full steam ahead.We see Doc #2 on Friday just a second opinion and because I have not been felt up yet by all the doctors in CNY.  I am getting set up with an oncologist as well. Of course, I have a connection there too thanks big brother:). It really does help to have all these doctors put a face to your file. So now I have a radiologist, breast care doctor, a plastic surgeon and a oncologist. If only it was a maid, a chauffeur, personal assistant and a personal trainer  I would be thrilled. Notice I did not say cook cause let's face it, I am way to controlling in the kitchen.

This "lump" in the road will make for a long trip but we (Tom, the boys, my family, my bitches) got this covered.  In the end I will be more active in CNY Komen and breast health and early detection, that is really what you all are excited for! Thanks for being here for my struggle, just make sure you are here for my celebration. May 18th NYS Fair for Race for the Cure with team "Cure or Bust", as this leader comes across as a SURVIVOR!!!!
Posted on June 20, 2012 .