Electric blue pee

My pee is a very beautiful shade of blue. It's from the radioactive dye, not my vibrant personality. I feel really good, really! I mean considering I had a double mastectomy, tissue expanders in, and am so drugged up, really good. Hey, did someone set their elephant on my chest? Cause that's what it feels like. Ouch! I am wrapped up like a mummy and hate that feeling, but a breast cancer girl has got to do the things she has to do. The nurses told me to stay dosed up, just like college. The doctors did their magic and stayed steady handed. The nurses are wonderful, not all of them are liking my wise ass comments, but I am who I am! The nurse asked me if I had diabetes, nope just breast cancer. She didn't laugh. The doctors got a huge kick out of me wearing pink sequin stilettos to surgery. Some people found it crazy, huh go figure? Look I needed to be fierce today, so I was in fierce shoes with attitude! All went smooth and everything looks good. We will know more on July 25th. I am in my private room with a fabulous view of Syracuse. I have been drinking and peeing blue. Tom is bringing me dinner and chocolate pomegranate (so yum), I hate hospital food. MC and I took a stroll just now, and was told to not try to leave to go to the bars. I love my nurse, love her! I am waiting for Genevieve to come up so I can do my walk again,in HIGH HEELS! Thanks for all your love, support, prayers and good vibes. I felt the strength from you,  I really did. I am glad this part is done, check it off the bucket list!

Posted on July 20, 2012 .