Put your cutting shears AWAY!!!

Did someone say.......CURED???? Oh yeah my oncologist said it, hell yeah baby. I am so happy, relieved, excited, and other emotions I can not explain. I will need checks but no chemo baby. You can all rest assure you will not have to shave your hair. Still maintain a good cut and highlight regularly, but no baldness for us. Thanks to everyone who held my hand through this I know I squeeze hard and the support was incredible. I feel sort of like it was "fake cancer" but there really is nothing fake about what I am going through, well with exception to my boobs now. There is a long road ahead but one that is not filled with more cancer, chemo and radition I will never stop sayng this...EARLY DETECTION SAVED MY LIFE! Had I been so involved in Komen and what it teaches I may have a different outcome. I will be the poster girl for this cause forever, so be ready to celebrate my life, a life as a stupid breast cancer survivor. WHOOT WHOOT!!!! I can't fist pump it still hurts:)
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Posted on July 25, 2012 .