Sunday Dinner

Through thick and thin it is your family that sustains you. With love, support and in my family's case nourishment. Thanks so much to my spectacular cousin, Heather who provided an Italian Sunday fest! She even went to Lyncourt Bakery for half moons and bread. She even made pizzelles. She even brought fried calamari. She even brought Greens (OK Bunny made them but she dropped them off and they were delish I almost ate the whole tray). She brought love. We have played paper dolls as little girls and waitress with each other for the aunties as they played cards, we have partied HARD, watched each other go off to college, get married even had babies at the same time, spent EVERY New Year's day together, and we have so much more to see and do as a family. Of course, we will do them  as the old aunties with her "B" size saggy boobs and my REAL "B" perky ones, but mostly we will always be there for each other. Heather is a sweet woman and I am proud to call her family!

Posted on July 29, 2012 .