What cancer will or will not do

Will NOT break this family!
Cancer will not kill my friendships, it is making them stronger. Cancer is making my friends take a long walk off a short pier in their bathing suits for ME! It will not ever take my humor away; I will laugh it right out of me. It makes me laugh as I stand with my BFF's (or on them) and cry because their support is too over whelming. Stupid dumb cancer pushes me to stand on a rock topless in 6 inch heels while my friends tell me I look great. It makes me feel fierce because I enjoy a good fight! It drains me emotionally but pulls strength from places I didn't know I had. Stupid dumb cancer makes my girlfriends jump in the water, my husband vacuum the ceiling, my kids talk about MRI's and early detection, my family call a million times (oh wait they do that anyway), but it will never knock out my confidence, strength, and hope. So take that stupid dumb breast cancer you're a dumb ass! Thanks to all my girls for tonight you amazed, inspired and gave me hope!
Posted on July 1, 2012 .