WTF, I now really have a plastic surgeon??!! I feel so "Mob Wives" like, I want to be Drita! The meeting today with the plastic surgeon was quick and painless, I didn't even have to take my clothes off for once. He is confident that my surgery will go off without a hitch and my new boobs will be "perky". I really kept an eye on Tom and made sure he did not sign, mouth,or  gesture "Double D" to the doc. It was very surreal going there and taking about implants, which I am not opposed to just hate the reason I am there. It brings me that much closer to the BIG DAY.  I mean come on how many more times do I have to "look on the brighter side"? There really is not a brighter side, it is just a side and that side needs a little pink glitter paint to brighten the walls. Life is sucky and you have to figure out how to not let it suck the life out of you or suck you in. I will never be the why me person because why not me? I am not any better than any other breast cancer survivor or fighter out there. I am just me, with new perky boobs! OK I am fabulous especially in a tiara, pink boa and sucking down champagne at 7am:)

At the Race for the Cure 2012 with my Nikki
Posted on July 9, 2012 .