Yesterday versus Today

Yesterday was plain awful but that's not now that's then!  Sorry a little musical Annie today, just be glad you aren't here to HEAR it, you know I love to sing like a cat in heat and dying. I was pissed, exhausted, annoyed, and weepy (yes weepy). I had myself a day of crying it out with some good girlfriends, 8 kids, a husband, and some long distant friends. I hate crying it makes me feel like a pansy, but my peeps made me feel strong. I am pissed that breast cancer has messed up my summer, changed and mutilated my body, has made me so effin tired, and has controlled me. I want to sit in the sun and watch my kids play. I want to make them dinner. I want to not look down and see my body so altered. I want to do more than go get cleaned up without being exhausted.  I want to say when I go on vacation. I WANT AN UMPALOMPA!!!! I sat yesterday and cried and had my hand held and my girlfriends say they were thankful I was finally letting it out, boy did I release it yesterday. I love that people want to help me through this but its hard unless you have been through it or have boobs. So, please bare  (chested only) with me and just stand by my side until the weepy bitch is gone and the regular bitch is back (I could have sung Elton John here but I do not want to go over board). But today..........

THE DRAINS AND OUT!!!!! HIPPEE KI AYYYY MO FO. I could not be happier, really thrilled. Cape Cod here we come, ohhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh

Posted on July 31, 2012 .