Crazy ass loud Italian cancer free party

Sometimes I think my family just needs an excuse to party. What better one than me being cancer free!? My cousin hosted the day complete with pink well...everything. The food and wine flowed as did the water balloons and pranks. Some may find it humorous to play a joke on others but they tend to forget who they are dealing with. You know who you are! Being with all my family today meant so much to me. This has been a long, stressful, painful summer and I am ready to just be me. People keep telling me how strong I am well these people are what make me powerful. I am the woman I am today directly because of every person there. Some added wisdom and guidance, some strength, power and humor and sarcasm,  but all added love. We maybe crazy and loud and crazy again with some extra loud but when push comes to shove you better not mess with us because we are strong for each other to a fault. Thanks so much my crazy ass loud Italian family, this lumpy stupid dumb breast cancer summer did not stop our partying!
All Craziness
Big Sister Lori

My Daddy and G-Deb
My brother Al
Sweet Halen Rose


The Hostess Heather

My girls and my boy
Posted on August 19, 2012 .