Good times

We are enjoying the sunshine weather has been amazing, picking blueberries Tommy made a killer blueberry pie last night, drinking Cape Cod beer filled 4 growlers on friday and I think they have to go back, doing jello shots Patron and lime jello YUM, yelling at each other come on we are Italian it is like talking, Megan caught a big ass fish that Tommy cooked up to perfect, visiting with friends who are 16 and are almost 6 feet tall, had a pedi by Salon da sloppy MG, and eating a lot I may need an intervention when I get home! Looking forward to another fanfrakingtastic day on the beach. For all you grammar correcting fools that want to correct me, I know that was a run on sentence but it was just how I want it and I am currently recovering from kicking stupid dumb breast cancer's ass and I can have my way so bite it!

Posted on August 5, 2012 .