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 Anyone that knows me knows how hard I fought for breast education and health before I was diagnosed. I was a manic leader for our CNY Komen team Cure or Bust. That changed on May 5th when I found the lump and had the lumpectomy in June. It increased my drive even more, like off the charts. Yes, I maybe over board and in your face about it but early detection saved my life from stupid dumb breast cancer. The key to prevention is early detection people. Every time I get an email, Face book, text or blog post telling someone got their mammo today because of me or that they sat by their friend as she cried over her double mastectomy. Every time a blogger friend looks to me for support or shoes (Jackie is going to rock her chemo heels and Ashley better not wear those flip flops to treatment again!!). Every time a friend goes for 6 of 6 rounds of chemo and texts me (Rene you better). It solidifies my drive. So, I do not care how many strangers I tell about my journey, how many times I drive my BFF's nuts about being on top of their boobs or how much I promote my chest (its not porn people). I am the poster princess for early detection!!!
Well, I am off to Bridge Street today to spread the early detection word and about the event on October 21st. I do not know if I will be on for 4 minutes or 4 second (they have no idea how much and how fast I can talk). If even just one person gets the picture I am proud, if one person comes to support me at the show it's a success (well not at all, you people better show!!), if just one women fighting says "shit if that crazy lady did it. so can I" then my mission is working.  If just someone, one person  says "damn stupid dumb breast cancer looks good on her" then my hair, outfit and shoes were right on target!!! Here is the link, no clue if they put a clip up, but I hope they do or I will have to play the cancer card:)

I am NOT cancer I never was!
Posted on September 13, 2012 .