a helpful hint....

I was off to get an MRI today which just adds worry even though you are hoping it is nothing. So yes I was stressed out but that is all part of having tests done now. I went off to the MRI this morning entourage following (yes I consider MC and Genevieve my entourage). I was seated in the room by the nice staff and handed the stack of paperwork.  It always cracks me up when I have to fill out the paper work for these tests, really you don't have this on file?? Why do you need all this info AGAIN!!!!?? We chuckled at the "have you ever been hit by a bullet or any other metal object?" Come on I am not a gang banger....any more (JOKE it's a JOKE). You can not have metal in these MRI machines because they use magnetics. Thank god I dodged that bullet in 1995, phew. WAIT, I have expanders in that have magnetic pieces and there is the question line 46 "Do you have tissue expanders in".  SHIT SHIT and a little more SHIT. First, great job to the doctor who ordered that she should have known this. Second, now what?? Well, I could wait until after the swap in late November. UMMMMMM, I do not do waiting well. I did what I always do I made calls to people in high places. The doctor that referred me kept using the term "only taking calls that are 911 relevant" when I called WTF does that mean, don't you think I am 911 important cause I AM DAMN IT!
Well, I hopped on my phone and called my favorite most loving OB/GYN office  because I know they think of me as 911. They called the referring doctor and started the fire which I then stoked. When I called back I not only had to rehash what the nurse just told her but she said they did not know I had expanders in, seriously about to blow at this point. I was dealing with dumb asses.She had to call me back!! After what felt like an hour later I called her back, she put me on hold and said she would call me back again. I am being nice because I was cussing like never before (props to my entourage for keeping me calm) and I am giving you the extremely short version. AHHHH my phone rings "Yes, Mary Ann?" WHO THE HELLLLL IS MARY ANN???!!! "No" I say ever so politely while I bang my head on the wall "My name is ANN MARIE". DO these fools have the right person? Who's chart are they looking at?? I was off to a CT scan now. UGGHHHHHH. SO after almost 3 hours of waiting, phone calls, and being ever so fucking polite the scan took 3 minutes! Good times here good times.
Results say my brain is still in there, phew I think my friends and family were starting to wonder. Nerve damage, who needs nerves?? I will have na MRI after the implants go in, something to look forward to. All of this proves one major thing...those forms we have to fill out all the time NEED to be filled out. Next stop, neurologist. I needed to add another friggin doc to my resume. What a stupid dumb breast cancer day??? Who is stopping over with the stupid dumb Patron?
Posted on October 3, 2012 .