Media makes me cringe a little...

SOOOOOO, here is the link to the article that is in the Post Standard. It is a good article so my cringe is not there. It is the comments that come after. The ones I really want to reply to,  but need to take the high road instead of the lumpy one I am on. It has always amazed me the comments people make and how ridiculous they are. Well, now they will be about me. I hope you all help me as I take this pledge, remember you are NOT taking it so comment away!!!
  • I will pledge to do my best to take them with a grain of salt and move past.
  • I pledge that no matter how ass like the comment is I will refrain.
  • I pledge that even if the butt head gets under my skin I will keep my mouth shut.
  • I pledge that even if the fucking idiot says something so off base I will remain quiet.
  • I pledge that even if the person commenting never had breast cancer, but still finds the need to comment, I will hold my head high and say nothing.
SHIT!!! This is going to be hard, like unbelievably hard. I will need a lot of help here. I am unsure if I know how to do this.

Above is the Syracuse News Times article!
Posted on October 16, 2012 .