Now what??

I stood in that room and felt such a powerful energy; it made me feel confident that I was doing the right thing. Not that I really doubted myself, but the friggin' negative feedback does make you think twice sometimes. My dad was so proud that he was barely able to talk at times, he wears his emotion on his sleeve anyway, but his pride shined and for that I am proud. Everyone keeps asking me, "What do you want people to take from this?" and tonight it was clear. I had so many people say they could not believe this was what stupid dumb breast cancer looks like , they didn't know that this is what happened. This is exactly what I wanted people to see. The incredibly raw, uncensored side to this fucked up disease. The drains with their liquid, the holes in my side, the bandages and the fright in my face all right there in beautiful, powerful images.  I will be posting the slide show soon. Genevieve says, "A good slide show should make you cry." I wonder if mine made people cry?

Thanks so much to everyone who took tickets, set up pictures, sold shirts (still available!), kept my lips glossy, and kept a Pink Stiletto in my hand (now that is a good fucking drink). This night came together not just because I had an idea but because I have family and friends and a community that believes in me. They all know how important this message is and how I am on a crusade to get it heard.

Now what?? Well, there is the "Stacks for Racks" poker night at Trapper's. Great food, awesome atmosphere, poker and prizes what more could you ask for? RACE FOR THE CURE!!! Registration is opened and the race director LOVES when our team signs on. So get on the site and join CURE OR BUST. There are more events coming, do not worry. I have had offers for other restaurants showing the images, another Komen affiliate would like the photos to come to their area and who knows what else!? I would love for more people to see these images, so after my next surgery I will plan something else:) I know just what Nikki is thinking, but I can only sit still for so long!

I hope everyone who came tonight walked away feeling stronger after seeing these images. At least you walk away knowing me better, A LOT better! Thanks for coming out, the support was truly unreal and made me feel like a princess, just what I needed.

Posted on October 21, 2012 .