Off to see one of my favorite docs.....

Today I meet with my OB/GYN to discuss a hysterectomy. UGH, not looking forward to this surgery, the happy drugs do not even help get me excited. The fact that ovarian cancer and breast cancer run so closely, this needs to be addressed. I have lots of cysts on my ovaries which caused them to do an ablation and some dusting and cleaning ( D & C to the medical world) in April. That combined with hormones leads to a recipe for cancer disaster. I am no where near menopause so the hormones are a major factor. So, now the question is do I or don't I? A hysterectomy is no friggin joke; major fucking roto rooting of my uterus, but the thought of ovarian cancer oh HELLLLLSSS NOOOOO.  The doctor knows best and I love my OB/GYN and the entire staff and I trust they will have my best health in mind. More than likely I will be spending my birthday in January recovering from yet another surgery. I definitely can play this cancer card for 10 years Heather, again thanks Jen:).

I hope you all see that stupid dumb breast cancer does not end with a mastectomy, chemo, radiation or lumpectomy. A lot comes into play. I also think that the choices I make are right for me and my body. These may not be the best for another person fighting the fight. Every doctor has a different path they advise and if you trust your doctor then go with what your doc and gut tell you. I am so happy that I LOVE all my doctors but this is my journey and the roads I am taking to my recovery. I will never recommend a procedure or tell someone what to do. I am here for your bitching adventure and that is all. Afterall, I am just a stay at home mom with stupid dumb breast cancer...what do I know?
Posted on November 1, 2012 .