My girl wants to party all the time

Cousin and gal pal, LOL
My GIRL!!!
Shots anyone??
So there is this girl I love...

Shot boy and shot girl

One of these people owes me a carpet cleaning, LOL

Cheese girl
"I never get a pic of you guys doing a shot"

If you did not know, I LOVE a party. The bigger the better, the louder the funner  (I put that in for Tom he loves my spelling) and the more the merrier. We love to throw a “Kick off the Holidays” party every year; next year will be 10 years! This year the party held so much meaning. Yes, everyone was happy I am doing well, they were all there to raise a glass to celebrate life, almost everyone had a splash of pink on and they all loved the shots (almost 300, is that wrong??), But for me it was about so much more. I kept looking around at the people that helped in so many ways and could not help to get misty eyed; I was not going to cry because I was the princess of the party!!!  I watched as my family and friends danced around to some loud music, they ate the food I made (ok I did buy some of that shit but hey I have cancer!!), they begrudgingly took the shots that I pushed on them, but what they did most was SMILE!! My house was filled with so much positive energy I can still feel the love.  There were so many funny, happy, crazy moments I keep reflecting and cracking up.  
Sister in laws, friends too
Best shoes, well except mine:)

I do not think Bill Cosby intended pudding to be in a shot!
Breast exam


Seriously Margret are you sure he is of age?

Much easier without the cookies!
You can dance....for inspiration!!

How cute are they?

me and "G"



Hey Tom....

Things that cracked me up…..

·         Nothing like the minister’s wife YELLING “HEY HONEY FEEL HER BOOBS THEY ARE FREEZING!!!” I wonder if his sermon had that in it???

·         The night was complete with my sister doing a shot (or 2), which she NEVER does!

·         My brother insisting all he ate was shrimp and “that spinach thing, was anyone near the table while he ate and ate and ate, LOL!

·         My girl Karen and her husband getting down, DAMN Nat I did not know you had those moves!

·         My husband’s SHOES!!! Even he sparkled.

·         My son Ben telling me “Mom really you should have made pink Jell-O shots:, he is right, next time Elana!!!

·         Having 2 great seniors as DD and making them stay up past their bedtime

·         A sweet friend who will remain nameless dropping her coffee mug then stepping back and busting her ass on the floor, sorry I laughed first, hope you are ok?! BLAHAHAH

·         My cousin Tom wearing his food and drink, stay classy kid.

·         Ted and his argyle socks

·         Rosie taking home the leftovers from her Barbie drink

·         Look at these drinks that someone left FULL, this is alcohol abuse right Brent? “RIGHT!” Kristin “where is my drink?” OOOPPSSSS

·         Tracy can you say CHEESE!!!!

·         Rosie and Tom when it’s almost 3am and you are STILL here. Just sleep over!!!

·         As always my shot girl and now my shot boy, LOVE them!
my daddy o and G-Deb
My Bro and his lady
2 of my Favorite peeps

A lot of love...for Nikki's leg


Duck love
Andy giving more LOVE
Dude, I do my own breast EXAM


Aaron where is the ice?

Bunny ears??

Jason and his duck face!

And you are???

I swear no more shots

Chin there is something on your shirt right Jill?
Brookside men
Candy girl

God daughter god mother combo
East meets north

It was an amazing night and I had so much fun. But I will not lie, I am STILL tired. This is my month for celebrating and getting my head in the game for January, where Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer will be beat down again.

Posted on December 3, 2012 .