This is how we roll...

A sample of dinner

New Year’s Day!!! I really cannot express how much this day is my favorite day of the year. My entire family, siblings, aunt, dad, cousins all in one house. We spend the day laughing, so hard that some of us pee a little. We play games bunch of cheaters they are, I swear Lori and Heather study People magazine before! We make the kids sled on cardboard, we are so ghetto sometimes.  We reminisces of when we were young and the pranks we played which only gives the younger kids bad ideas!  We are so loud, Megan said she could her us literally down the street. We do NOT put Styrofoam in the microwave, well Tom G does but he never listens. We have to put up with my brother who in fact is the BIGGEST PAIN. We used to have whipped cream eating contests until Mimi said “That is violating the whip cream” and she outlawed it. We do all this togetherJ
A sample of dessert

Some of my fav women

Mainly we EAT and I mean EAT. People always say to me that their family has so much food, it is no joke what my people can make……Stuff Squid, Shrimp, Antipasto, Fried calamari, Calamari salad, Cheese olives and meats, Chips and dip, stuffed peppers, Garlic pizza, Wasabi and cream cheese, Pasta and meatballs, Ham, Beef tenderloin, Lasagna, Italian wedding soup, Lentil soup, Spinach and ricotta pie, Vodka pasta, Sweet potato casserole, Lemon jello, Cookies, Cheesecake, Jubilee roll, Pecan chocolate pie, WHIP CREAM! Honestly that is only what we could remember, Heather called me the other day and we were wondering what else we could make The food is made from our hearts which makes everything taste that much better. Ok, who is still hunger cause it all comes back out right before you leave just to make sure you are stuffed to the limit. SERIOUSLY!!!!?? Some maybe having a hangover, we have a food hang over. Totally stuffed right now and will be all week.

Never ever come tired!

A game where they all fib, perfect!
How long have we been doing this?
East meets West for some TROUBLE

We missed you Michelle!!
Such an important part of my life both as a child and now as a semi adult and the fact that these people every one of them has given me hope makes my heart full. OK OK OK I know what Elana is thinking (if she reads this which I doubt she does), “Enough with the love shit, Jesus how long will the sap continue?” I am just so happy on NYD and nothing not even Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer can take that from me!! Family is the key to life, it always fits. Happy Fucking New Year and good bye 2012 do not come back cause you suck!!


Posted on January 1, 2013 .