Happy Birthday to my Professor


For better or for worse.....yup covered those
In sickness and in health ......oh yeah that is covered
Till death do us part....ok no death right now

I have spent the last few days really thinking about my husband Tom. We have been together for 20 plus years, wow!!! We met through some friends that were getting hitched, Sean says it was instant chemistry and I agree. Tom knew what he was getting into, because when he met me for the first time I jumped out of the bushes to scare them. That was it, it was fast and we jumped into it head first. Did we do some crazy dumb things? Yes, but as of today it has all worked out. Like every relationship, it has been rocky, sometimes like Rocky Mountain high. We have fought hard to get where we are and I like it here, it is soft and cozy. I could sit here and type how great he is, what an amazing father he is, true friend, solid son (and son in law!) but that is all easy. And I want the reality, check it.

He loves me, completely with such intensity is scares me sometimes. He wants to always be my knight is shining armour (he knows I like sparkle). When I was first diagnosed, that was the hardest thing for him. He couldn't fix it. There was nothing he could do but watch. Yes, he was there for me and said kind words. He is a male so sometimes they were dumb, too, but all with the right intent. Yet he still couldn't make cancer go away and he hated that. I saw the anger and frustration but under that was love. When I want to cry I have his shoulders, when I need to punch he is ready, when I need to just be alone, well, he is working on that. I have a lot of great friends, a few best friends, but he is my needed friend. After all these years we have seen that we need to learn that- how to be there for each other. I am so proud of how he has seen this and done his job to make it happen. Everyone says "Bless Tom to put up with AM", I say that is true. I am a ball of fire to his calm ocean tide. Damn that was corny as hell! Yes we could not be more opposite, right down to how we grew up. Somehow it works, not always, but we are good at repair.

Happy Birthday to my.....ying to my yang, my spelling checker, grammer correcting fool, my stubborn mule, guitar playing, concert going, beer making, love me crazy but I like crazy and feel good there, my safe spot, my silverware drawer cleaning at the wrong time, waiting in the car, father of my pain in the ass kids who we both love no matter how many dumb things they do, my ahhhh he is home guy, my jesus christ pick up your socks before I snap man, my kisser, my TOM I can't reach something, my cupboards open, lights on, beared, lost his keys, where's my wallet, getting lost, we have to turn around I missed the exit MAN!! I am sure that sentence may just send him over the edge, MWAH:0)

Posted on February 28, 2013 .