Everything I learned I learned from a blogger

WEGO Day 30…Today, write a recap of your experience.  What was your favorite prompt? Least favorite? What have you learned?
PHEW! Praise the blogger gods!! While I love to blog, on some days this was a challenge.
I am not a great writer and some days I was not in the mood but I did it. OK, so what if I cheated a few times, go ahead and sue me I got 4 kids and a husband. Of course being the OCD person I am a felt that I had to get this done in the morning, plus my days are a bit crazy. I learned so much from other bloggers that I LOVED this. It forced me to read about things I never would have, I made new cyber friends, I read about viewpoints I may not agree with but totally respect. Thank you WEGO for challenging us. While some posts were awesome, I love “Wordless Wednesday” (plus it was less writing LOL) and the APP one there was that damn animal one. I am still cursing out! Who made that one up again, Christine was that you??? But I did it and read the others who were up to this challenge. The one thing this did for sure is it proved what I have been saying all along. Everyone has a story to tell. We can never truly understand what someone is going through because it is their journey; we can empathize but never really get their side. We need to respect each other more because of this; you can’t judge someone because they do not take the same path as you. That is what is great about blogging, it tells YOUR story, read it if you like if not there is another person’s story you will relate too. My story my not be what you agree with but it’s mine and no one can take that from me, some have tried literally to take my story and make it their own, dumb asses. There really can only be one Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer Princess, get your own tiara!

Posted on April 30, 2013 .