Here are the papers you need to fill out, UGH


“I wish this gizmo could track my condition!” Write about which device, application, program, etc. you wish helped to track your health. Day 23 WEGO HEALTH

No matter which doctor you go to you have about 10 pages of paperwork. Questions that you have answered a million times, one that are ridiculous they are almost hard to answer. Are you pregnant? Seriously, I not only have nothing to catch the swimmers in but nothing to hold them in. Do you breast feed? UMMMM only if the baby likes silicone. Have you had a mammo gram? Yeah we covered that a few times. The best are list your surgeries with dates. Not only can I never remember the dates but there is never enough space for all of them Wouldn’t it be great if we had a barcode? The office could just scan it and have all your info right there. You could go online type in the numbers to you code and see your results, NO WAITING!!! You could enter any questions and they would be answered. Plus, you wouldn’t forget important info, like you have expanders in and can not get a MRI!!! All your meds would be listed and when you need a refill. If you have an upcoming doctor appointment BAM it is there. Shit you could even list what you ate so the doctors would know. This would save on their paperwork too, no more hauling those folders. This is a green solution for sure. Yes, I know some may not want to get branded but really once you have had your breasts removed, uterus/cervix/tubes/ovaries all ripped out you lose this sense of modesty and you just want to not fill out another piece of paper. Not to mention I had 4 kids, you have no idea how big my file is at my doctors. They literally need a forklift to carry it. I see a future for tattoo artist here no doubt!

Posted on April 23, 2013 .