I talk to my self cause there is no one to talk to

If you could go back in time and talk to yourself (or your loved one) on the day of diagnosis, what would you say? WEGO Day 12

Funny cause I talk to myself all the time, like even when I'm in the store and I think no ones listening I'm that lady. As I read this my house is quiet, 5:30 in the morning does that sometimes, I was already talking to myself. I had this odd picture of myself having coffee with myself, don't call the psych ward just yet.  The breast cancer self is sitting there stunned while the non cancer self won't shut the hell up. 

"Fuck, are kidding me? This sucks? But what are you going to do! You are not CANCER. you are a lot of things it cancer is not one of them. I do not not want the woe is me crap either so get that right out of you head! That's life, so don't start crying now. Well cry right now then get over it. You should know that cancer does not discriminate. It doesn't care that for the past 7 years you have worked hard to fight this beast. Oh they irony is too crazy. So here is what you will do. Get a mastectomy then whatever else they tell you you need in order to deal with this. You are going to fight like the crazy Italian you are and you will take no prisoners. Seriously get yourself under control and don't let this consume you. Your family is going to drive you crazy with love and your friends are going to want to help, let them don't be an idiot. you need these people don't push them away, you would want to help them. Yes,  your screwed from here on in you will be battling, but guess what you are just the average woman with breast cancer. Do something about it! Make something of this damned situation. No dumb ass you won't find a cure you have no ideas how to do that! But you know how to throw a party, so do that. I am not saying that cancer is a party but people love a party so throw one, for breast cancer. Ok look you will be fine, maybe not today or tomorrow but you will be, you're not dead yet so fight. I know you can beat this, you will be stronger because if this and hopefully less bitchy. Ya know I got shit to do, if you need to to talk, text me you know I'm here for you. Look truth is shit happens to good people you aren't that good but you ain't bad either. So straighten that tiara and go get em princess!"

Posted on April 12, 2013 .