Here we go
Cancer is a funny thing. You have your DX anniversary, your cancer free anniversary, your first chemo, your last chemo, rads and any drug your started anniversary, your surgery anniversary and whatever hell else you make up. Some are easy and you barely notice them or they just make you smile. Then there are the ones that remind you of what really altered you. For me that is today.
Hugs not drugs, wait I need the drugs
I keep holding back tears yet I am not sure what I am crying for, The fact I am here and this year was tougher but made me tougher (as if I needed help). The fact that my body has changed so much it has made me a self-conscience freak (as if I needed to fly my freak flag more). Or is it the loss of body parts that I find myself for no other word, sad. Unless you lost a body part you cannot understand the feeling. I wish I had the fancy shamancy words to help those who have never experienced it but I don’t, I only have made up ones to drive Tom and Jennifer nuts. That is really the thing, there are not any right words it’s just a feeling. You are so happy that the part is gone because it tried to poison your body, but shit you are sad they are gone. Then you are thrilled to be alive yet pissed off that this is happening and you cannot control it. It is a roller coaster for sure. OMG that is it I am calling it the “viper” emotion. I am simply brilliant. Applause now please! lumps0199lumps0206lumps0220 I remember surgery day so well. Getting up after absolutely no sleep whatsoever, talking to Alissa all night long,  Sammy boy crying himself to sleep holding my hand, Meg half asleep telling me she loved me, MC pulling up to pick us up in the darkness of the morning, the ride there and the check in. Seeing my dad and how strong he was trying not cry (for those new to this show I had a no crying rule). This was major for my dad, major. My badass brother coming into the room hugging and running literally out the door because he was going to cry (he came back a little drunk and cried a little). G-Deb trying hard to not cry but sneaking out for coffee when I knew what she was doing. Genevieve snapping shots that I thought were funny yet not really understanding the impact of what these pictures were going to do to me. My sister showed up late which was perfect for 2 reasons, “that’s Lori” and there was no way she could do the no crying rule. MC, well there are no words none. She was right there not leaving me and joking the entire time just what I needed. Then there was Tom, fool ate a full breakfast right in front me the ass. He couldn’t look me in the eyes I knew why; he was so scared and didn’t want me to see. This was not just an in and out surgery and the uncertainty was intense. When we did look at each other just enough to understand. lumps0233lumps0236lumps0252lumps0259 Then waking up. Drugged, in pain wondering what the hell you look like. The drains that no one can prepare you for what they feel, smell like. How you are so nervous yet the drugs make you so confuse those emotions. Walking for the first time, no memory yet I have pictures to prove I did. the nurses were great and I will never for them especially Emily. Funny how a stranger can give you so much love and care. Seeing my kids via FaceTime, loved that just loved it. They got to see I was ok and I was. Wondering what the hell was next and having no control over it. I can look back on this day and be proud for sure. It turned my life around. I feel like my journey has helped others so much and for that I will take 2 for the team. I can also be pissed that this journey has given me low self-esteem and broke my heart. I can be so happy that I am alive and beating up cancer (we all know the journey doesn’t end with the last “whatever”). I can be guilt ridden that I am alive when so many have taken wings. I can be empowered by their amazing courage too. I can be depressed that this journey has showed me so many amazing people that have lost their battle. I can also be overcome with sheer glee (yes I said glee now shut the front door) that I have made some of the best or breast friends of my life. This journey has taught me just who my friends are and how amazing the really are. It has brought my family even closer (almost to the scary creeper side) than I ever imagined. So how can I argue with that? Yet I still cry and really if you are reading this and have never experienced cancer at its finest you cannot get it. I am so happy yet I want to cry on this day like a big ol’ friggin baby. There is no doubt that we all experience cancer different but I will tell you this part is how it just is. I know so many survivors struggling with this and it sucks the big cancer stick. Stupid dumb breast cancer, ARGGGG!! Today will come and go and I will be fine. I will flip through these pictures and remember where I was, how far I have come and what is still down this long ass fucking bumpy road. Maybe I will cry, maybe I will smile or even laugh just a little. Whatever I do this is my journey and I will do it my way like or leave the page but don’t hate. I will do it in stilettos, a tiara and a pink boa (just for my militant friends)! lumps0180

Posted on July 20, 2013 .