Vacation all I ever wanted....

my man!!!
Yup that fanily

Jello is our staple

Sand in my toes, junk food in the bags, girl magazines ready, Patron in effect, J E L L O,  metal detector ready for action and NO DRAINS!! This is going to be a great vacation add the 3 bottles of "Cheezy Does It" and it will be amazing. Seriously last year was plain awful (singing a little Annie to this I hope). Sure we laughed a lot but I was in so much pain coming a week off my mastectomy. I couldn't help the way I normally do actually I do tend to take over. I was simply exhausted by the time we left the beach that it the only thing I could do was sit. Don't get me wrong I barked orders just fine but I am a doer. I mean poor Megan had to carry 50 pound sand bags and lets face she weighs 100 pounds wet! Rosie can barely handle the Jell-O shots without me and I was too tired to really help. Ok I will admit it we are "that family" on the beach you know the one. With the cabana, music, 6 coolers, 12 chairs, soccer net, enough food to feed the beach, and loud very loud. Last year though we were all a little more toned down, no really we were. We were waiting on my pathology report, waiting good times. My famil was so nice to me, helping me, not letting me do squat. I am pretty sure that will change this year and I am so happy to be back to normal. Whatever normal is! 

I can't wait for coconut ice cream at Sundae School, lobstah rolls from Arnold's, bone fire on the beach with our friends, bocce ball and getting my sun on! I know how exciting it is to go away, how you need it. But this year we REALLY need it. Not just from stupid dumb breast cancer but from stupid dumb heart attack too. I brought my dad to the Cape 15 years ago and we have been going ever since. Cape Cod is our happy place. Not just because its lovely but because some of our favorite people are there with us.  And this year we are adding my nephew too, boy is in for it. These are the  people that make me happy even when they are pissing me off, people that no matter what still treat me like a princess. Crap I hope I packed my tiara!

Hope, Live, Love

Coconut Ice Cream for the nuts!

My King

My side kick

Posted on July 30, 2013 .