Jigglers anyone?

See it jiggle it, watch it jiggle… I know you are thinking what the hell is she talking about. I went to my plastic surgeon today discuss what we are doing about this implants that my body doesn’t seem to like. I asked about the DIEP and he had to jiggle my belly to see if it was big enough. For the first time in my life sucking it in was not an option. Come to find out that cancer gave me just enough to have this with the disclaimer of small boobs. I was not a candidate for this originally but cancer gave me some extra weight. So I am onto a LONG surgery followed by 5 days in the hospital 2 of which are ICU this is no joke and not at all what I ever thought I was going to do but my gut (blahahah get it) is telling this is right. Totally getting some killer shoes for this stay!! Why the hell do I want this?? Well, let me start by saying these implants are not right, puckering and up to my throat and moving to the pits. None of those things look very good. The PS will fix my scars that are so raised up you can see them through shirts. The keloids are bad and they suck!!  That is the first and actually easy reason. Now on to the bigger… I feel like a friggin alien!!! I have no idea whose body this is that I am living in. I could not feel more for lack of incorrect grammar “faker” than I do right now. I constantly am aware of these 2 fake things attached to me. They are like a science experiment that I didn’t mean to do. I skipped lab in HS so this is not what I signed up for. I hate how they look when I take my clothes off it is like I see my head but what the hell am I attached to. And if one more person tells me how great they look I will seriously punch them. When get out of the shower I cry, a lot. There is such an emotional part to this journey that can only be described if you went through it. No breast does not define a woman but they are part of us. Whether you choose to be flat and fabulous, implanted or flapped out they are a part of you. Society puts a lot of focus on breasts and because of that we put notions in our own head of how our body should be. I want my old body back but I know that is not a reality. So what I need right now is to have me, no silicone just me. Part of this is that I am far from a fake, I am who I am like me or move on. I almost feel like with them I am impersonating someone. No I am not on crack I am totally straight. These implants have taken me and made me self-conscience and I hate that. I can’t even begin to explain the reasons why I do not have enough time and I do not want to bore the hell out of you. Now I know if you are reading this and never had cancer let alone breast cancer you are thinking “can’t she just be happy she is alive?” I can yes I can, but that is not the issue here. Cancer changes you so much and while I will never be back to my old self I want to feel little like me. Is this decision for everyone? No it is for me. I have friends that LOVE their implants and are doing great with them, or are flat and completely happy . I need to be myself really me whether you like me or not I have to like me and right now I am not digging this body. So I will shop for some stilettos and shine my tiara and get ready for one big ass surgery or better yet one gutsy surgery!!

Posted on August 26, 2013 .