Crossing over

This is going to be a relatively odd post but if you know it me it all then odd is my middle name. So you all know I work for breast cancer page . It was a fantastic page for support, tips, blogging and products you need to get you through cancer, breast mostly but we do help many other cancers and diseases. I was lucky enough to be really helping people through this process when I spend time with them on the phone. We bond instantly when I state that I understand because I had cancer too. They know they are not getting a load of crap and that I really want to help. Not going to lie I get the occasional every day person that is shopping for them self and never had cancer,  they tend to be a little righteous but hey everyone deserves to shop. 

Every now and then more every than now. I get a transgender or cross dresser looking for breast forms and bras. Wacky right? Not really! After chatting with several I have come to realize that they are very similar to us in many ways. They did not ask for this process and have low body image, they want to feel fabulous and strong, they also want society to understand and maybe change the way we look at them. Sound familiar right? Thee are raving femininity and style for their body that seems to not really be working in that direction, DAMN I get that!

When I woudl sell a breast form to someone with breast cancer I give them confidence that they did not have before, they feel like them self simply by placing a silicone form in their bra. The truth is that is not any different when I talk to someone who is a cross dresser or transgender. They are lacking self esteem and struggling with their identity much like us after cancer. When they find that perfect form BAM they feel whole, complete. They are struggling in a body they do not know what to do with, I can relate to that. Transgender and Cross dressing community want to fit in and just find a way to be "normal", so do I! They want to be fabulous and feel good about themselves under their clothes, isn't that how to start a day? Again I get that, I struggle with the right bra, underwear and my friends can not find the breast form they love. This may seem trivial to those who have not had cancer but to us it is sadness and defeat. We want to feel sexy and pretty in a confused body. Again when I help the transgender/cross dressing community this is the exact message I hear.  Am I comparing this with cancer? No frigging way but I can understand the mental aspect of this. Cancer is part mental and physical change so the understanding is natural to me.  

Maybe you are ready this and think that their way of life is wrong and they should not even be doing this. That just makes me sad. Did you forget that everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about? That one person should never be judge by another. I wonder if we just stop judging and putting pressure on each other and  instead tried empowering one another what a change the world would see. If we embraced and understood the scars that breast cancer left and maybe gave those in the transgender community a smile instead of a stare how everyone would react? Maybe heads would be held a little higher with a little more swag!

I will admit I do get a little nervous they will steal my tiara, good thing they are my queens and I am their princess! 

Posted on April 3, 2018 .