Happy 9th Birthday you rotten Kid

"Mom what's for dinner?"

"Gross not that?"

"I have nothing to wear"

"When are you doing laundry?"

"When can I get a phone?"

"It's not fair that Ben gets to"


Anthony is the biggest pain in the butt. No really he is, 9 years he will be off to college and we are counting to days although he is the biggest food snob we have so what the hell he will eat is beyond me. He complains nonstop, tries very hard to get his way, hoards his money and wants me to buy everything and my biggest consumer. But he wakes up in the morning and gives me a kiss a big juicy sweet kiss. When we walk anywhere he holds my hand and does ours "special thang" I ain't telling you fools its our thang! He hugs me and tells me he loves ne every morning before he gets on the bus. And when he can we snuggle. So I guess it makes up for being my complainer. He is my lover boy and no matter what he makes my heart happy when he gives his love.

I won't dare go into his delivery it was scary scenario, I should have known then what life would be like with this kid. Or the fact he crawled at 4 months just to torment his brothers. But today I am so happy that I have an Anthony Jude, he is a way cool dude. Really almost too cool. Please keep your daughters away I can not control this one I have tried, Tom has done his best we just can not anticipate what his swag will do. Actually you may want to keep your sons away too he maybe the ring leader in some serious party rocking in the near future.

Happy birthday Anthony go rock the world!

Posted on October 4, 2014 .