International Women’s Day

I scrolled my pictures thinking about all the inspirational women I know. Friends, cousins, nieces, grandmothers, aunts, doctors, teens, advocates and thought “wow I am surrounded by some badass women”. I am embraced by women that are both vulnerable and strong. I have watched my nieces, cousins and goddaughter evolve into such beautifully wise women. They grew into who they are because of their mothers. I see my best friends who are caring and supportive and I am thankful. I am lucky enough to have been a part of their daughters life, these young women are the future and I am hopeful because of them. I have women who advocate for their health and to watch them fills me with strength. I even have a young woman that I call my cyber daughter who every day I am in awe of her brilliance. I was going to make a collage of them then I stopped here.


Most know I never knew my mother, don’t remember her voice or touch or any of her sayings. I have no idea what she was really like with her friends only stories I hear. I was never parented by her so I have no concept of her as a mom. I don’t know what she liked to cook or how her food tastes. Sucks. But some how every day I strive to be the strong, smart, respected woman she was. When I think of fighter she is the first one I think about. She set the tone for my future to be strong in the face of evil. She reminds me to know your surroundings and to look for the good but be aware of the bad. To look out for each other no matter how scared. That some times you sacrifice yourself to save others. My mother’s life made me prepare for any struggles I have ever had. My mother gave me life and that solely is profound and I should live that life in her memory and honor.

Being an inspirational woman isn’t always about who’s right in front of you. There is something to be said for those that hold a place in your heart for you to reflect on and gain perspective and strength. My mother fought until the end. Her fight was for all her friends, her daughters, nieces, future granddaughters and her mother. Yes I know she has men in her life but shoot its international women’s day after all. My mother is the most inspiring woman that has ever been in my life no matter how brief it was, the impact is real. While her impact wasn’t global or socially forward , her accomplishments, struggles and fight have 100% affected me and my family. My mother affected our world and I am so proud and honored to be her daughter.

Some days I put my tiara on, straighten it and say “thanks mom for being so courageous”. And that’s all the strength I need that day.