Reasons I hate stupid dumb breast cancer


#46 because it is sneaky.  I feel great! I am healthy and eat right (I have been a vegetarian since I was 16, WTF!!). I work out like a beast and love it. Honestly, do not smoke anything legal. And yet I have Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer! There is no pain or mark to say "hey I am in here". I found that stupid lump and had I didn't it would have erupted and spread then I would be even more mad.

# 7 Waiting! For doctor appointments, results, surgery date, recovery, etc. I am a planner and I hate letting breast cancer plan my life out. Plus, it is taking it's dumb ass time. I mean I don't even know what is for dinner next Thursday, I hate that. I have bunco and parties to attend, so let's get this going. Here is the clincher ....breast cancer does not wait! It continues to grow and spread while there is nothing you can do. Stupid dumb breast cancer, you have no idea what you're up against!

#8 not being in control of ANYTHING!! The doctors say when the day/time of appointments are even if they really do not work for you it does not matter you have to take them or you won’t get in.  My surgery, I want it NOW (a goose that lays gold eggs for Easter). Most of all I cannot control the stupid dumb breast cancer. No matter how hard I work out or how healthy I eat or how I watch how much liquor I consume (it goes down so easy) it could still spread and wreak chaos in my body! I have no control over this and for a control freak this is not easy. I mean I cannot even control what is for dinner that week!! Stupid dumb controlling breast cancer, I cannot wait until we break up!

#55 because I keep forgetting it is there! I think everything is normal then it hits me "shit I have stupid dumb breast cancer". Honestly, I do not want to forget but when you feel fabulous and just want to chill sometimes you just have to. I want to remember ever step of this lumpy ass journey so I can turn it around and be proof that early detection saves lives!!!

#34 its going to be how long before I can work out? WTF... I may really snap then!

#3 just when you are feeling better you get punched in the fucking chest, literally! This fill sucks big time. I've slept for a few hours then I wake uncomfortable, stiff and feeling such pain. There are 2 round liquid bricks injected in my chest to stretch my muscle, tissue and skin to make a spot for these ridiculous implants to go in. Does that sound like it feels good? Boob juice from hell! I hate stupid dumb breast cancer for making me hurt AGAIN!

#2 because I hate that my friends who are fighting so hard are losing their hair! WHAT THE FUCK??? Stupid dumb breast cancer takes our boobs then just has to take our hair too??? I hate it but it will not take our smile. So put one on your face and say "I hate you stupid dumb breast cancer but I will have the last laught". Love you sisters together we will fight and hate stupid dumb breast cancer.
Posted on September 2, 2012 .