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Wisdo-Throughout life people overcome challenges such as becoming a parent, building a home, being diagnosed with an illness, divorce, relocation, parenthood by adoption, retirement and hundreds more. These life challenges often leave people lost, seeking wisdom and support.

Wisdo helps communities to overcome these challenges by creating step by step maps with corresponding wisdom, contributed by community guides under the calling, of “being the guide they wish they’d had.


Technically that is the blurb which sums it up really great. But you all know how I roll right? That is way too tied together for me. I want you all to understand Wisdo from my end. Why when the job as community manager was offered to me I said “YES PLEASE”. When I had my first chat with the founders a sentence jumped out at me that they said to me. Wisdo was the insight I did not know I needed when I needed it. That was clear to me 100%. I was sick of being lost on pages I wanted direction. I can remember when I was first DX and searching all over finding info, reading it on breast cancer that was not even mine. I was completely overwhelmed by this. I just wanted people who have been there to help me and guide me through this shit show.


Wisdo is taking our insight-you and me and placing it on a timeline so when myself or anyone needs the info they get it at that moment not before when they can not process it. Sounds brilliant because it is! When you are dealing being told you have cancer the last thing you need to be reading about is chemo cocktails. You need someone to guide you how to tell your family, friends and even your job. You need to listen and read about how others did it so you can apply that to your life. That is how Wisdo works. You plot your timeline and gather the info you need, then when chemo arrives IF it arrives you get that info at that time. FREAKING amazing.


The trick is gathering all the insight we can from all the people who have been there. Maybe after your DX, treatment or what ever you realize you could have done “x” to make it easier. You know that telling someone else this will help them BEFORE they start. So all you have to do is add an “insight” your wisdom. Wisdo and Insight you do that here on the Beta page in the corner. Go do it, you know you are a badass with so much to offer.


So now you are thinking that is great but I do not have breast cancer. I feel ya I have a lot of life struggles myself I would love to have plotted. Well guess freaking what!? Wisdo has over hundreds of life struggles that we will be launching. MS, divorce going off to college, addiction, HIV/AIDS, adoption, ovarian cancer, lung cancer and many more! I mean what site is doing that? NONE!


The Wisdo team and myself have been going around to make videos of these insights so you can see, hear and read about well life. Check my fanfreakingtastic friend Britteny out and what Sarah Snow has done to the video. This is just the start of many more!


As you see me around the USA making magic this is why! Got something you think we should cover you know I love sharing, message me. Make sure you log into the landing page and you can be updated when we launch. If you have a Facebook you must have a Wisdo. I must say that I can still wear my tiara with Wisdo but my sarcasm and wacky humor may be harder for them to adjust to. Come on who doesn’t love crazy awkward elevator conversations?