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I was going to write this sappy post about my dad and how much I love him and how he was better than your dad but then I thought about my husband. He is a pretty freaking awesome  dad which made me think about my brother this other fantabulous dad. So I changed gears. It did however all start with my sappy dad.


My dad is a big freaking sap, like huge. I mean the man can cry at a soccer game and shit do not bring him to Matt's meets it is water work central. He loves with his whole heart the whole thing. He says things right from it too, sometimes they come out all screwed up but you have to know that it comes from this place of true unconditional love. I mean my siblings have really fucked up and he still loves them with this undying love. They can not be as perfect as me and he understands that he loves them  for them and me for my perfectness. The man it the epitome of a grandfather, to the point I almost feel bad for other grand parents. He is known around town simply as "PA" do not call him anything else. I remember once my girlfriend;s daughter said "I want pa to my grandpa" and I thought "me too" but that is the thing he treats all the grand kid's friends like his grandchild. Pretty freaking cool. But frankly it is his love that gets him there. And the love they have back-just ask the crew and they will tell you what their pa means to them. All of them will drop whatever they are doing to help him because they love him so much. He taught them that! A world without him would be blank.


He taught his son Al -football, golf and how to do his taxes, BLAHAHAHAHAH that  such a joke. My dad did none of that. All he did, simply and easily was love him unconditionally which helped because he was a screw up. KIDDING great guy but let's face it be a great dad you need a great role model my brother had that in my father. Al loves his kids Matt and Jess with so much passion it is beautiful just like her was loved.  His pride in them is clear not in is Facebook posts but in his eyes, just look. Matt is perfectly brilliant and crazy fast runner yeah we know but even if he was not any of that his father would think he was all that and more. Jess is his princess in every sense of the word. She is on a high pedestal that Al put her there with the love he has and holds her up. Not because she is smart, beautiful and sassy (she is but that is not why) but for the mere fact he is proud of her as a human because he is her dad. These kids are goofy, dipshits, who make mistakes but none of that matters when Al sees them. All he sees is his kids! He loves them and acts on that love straight from his heart.


I married this man who was pretty super duper, best catch I could get. He makes me happy for the most part hey he still leaves the toilet seat up. Stands by me, tries to not freak on me when I go crazy, cracks stupid jokes at inappropriate times and supports me through all the bad times. That equals great catch! Then I had a baby (well he helped). He  added the sperm and I did the rest that is just a fact. But the look on his face when all four monsters I mean boys, were born. Was amazing! SHHHH he cried -because he fell in love all over again. He loves these rotten, brats so much that he tosses and turns at nights worrying about them, he loves them so much he carts them all over town to their sports crap he loves them so much he still lays with them to read a book at night. Yes he screams at them there are four and they are annoying but the love never changes and the things Tom does for these children is straight from his heart. Believe me when he does not want to do it he does not but for the boys he does.  All the frogging, hikes, bird watching, football games, soccer matches, lego building when he could have been playing guitar or brewing brew was because he loves them so much.



When I think about these three freaking awesome dads in my life I am blown away. They stand by me during every step pf cancer and hold my hand telling me they are scared but will be strong for me because I am strong. Funny thing is they are who make me strong! I love these men so much. This is who my kids and the kids in my family have as their role models. Girls, this is who you should marry-men who treat your children with pure, gentle, fun, tough love because at the end of the night they love you that much too. Boys, this is who you should grow up to be strong men who love their family enough to know when to put a tutu on and paint your nails or to run a track course or hit the lake for fishing or to read a book or to just be with the one you love. Anyway you look at it is from your heart. My dad, brother and husband are strong, smart men who love with passion and are filled with emotions that every father should show their kids but most do not because they are not man enough. I am so lucky!


Moral of the story we have a freaking awesomely annoying as hell family that is filled with LOVE and you are jealous I know. Thank you to my dad for being your king and showing us this unconditional love. To my brother for always being such a caring loving father my boys need you as a role model. And thanks to my husband. Because even in this house of chaos and cancer you find time to nurture and love our boys while keeping my tiara on straight.  

Posted on June 21, 2015 .