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Family history of.....

 Cancer does not run ramped through my family my father's mother had breast cancer but that is it. So I do not think of it much as family history, more like my thing. My son Anthony had to see a pediatric surgeon yesterday because he has a hernia/hydrocele and needs surgery. We apparently need an operation every 6 months in this house. When the doctor was going over medical history she asked "Any family history of cancer" "Yes my mom had breast cancer" Anthony said. And it hit me, for the rest of their life that will be on their medical records. They need this for their history. Maybe because I have boys and I just haven't really thought much about a family health history but I did yesterday.  Now as a family we have a history of cancer and it pissed me off. I am ok with having to deal with it on my paper work but my kids, screw you cancer!

I do not want this stupid dumb breast cancer to ever be the family medical history. It made me mad. Yes I understand why they need to know but I do not want them to ever go through this that is where my head went for that brief second in that surgeon's office. As a parent you never want your child to be ill but as someone who had cancer you do not want anyone to have it especially your child. So having them put it on their medical records made me feel like it was possible. Yes, I know that it possible anyway I am not a fool but cancer makes you paranoid so let me just get this all out before you start with your words of wisdom. I want it erased from their medical line. It may seem silly and they drive me crazy but I love these monkey butts with all I have and I hate that on their mother's side it will say "breast cancer", think I can get the forms to say STUPID DUMB BREAST CANCER? That may make me feel a little better.

As their mom you go right to the "is it my fault" so naturally it must have happened in the womb. Which is plain dumb. In all honesty this kid has been giving me shit since he was in there! Coming out was HELL, seriously I should have known then what was to come. He is a wise ass and always needing something and lately a real pain in the butt. Seeing him on that table hearing surgery,  anesthesia, recovery all words I know too well made me want to be sick. It negated all that crap that he does that makes me want to use the good duct tape.  He will be fine and it is a quick recovery I know all this. BUT I hate that he will be having this. But he has to so we will.  Anthony is just like me where he is not worried about the surgery but about the fact it is effecting his social life and the fact he will be out of soccer for 2 weeks.. He will handle this like the macho man he is and we will fight to keep him down (then I may be using the good duct tape). Not that he will be wearing stilettos possibly Nike Free runs.

Posted on June 18, 2014 .