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Happy Birthday, 14 years and no one has gotten hurt

You amaze me and astound me, you surprise me and annoy me. I love you with every part of me yet I want to hang you from the rafters. The day you were born I changed and became a mom and I learned so much I love you for that. Keep your kind heart and your say no attitude but do your damn homework and put the phone down. Pay attention in school and stop talking back to me. Be yourself and love who you are. Accept those faults and learn how you can make yourself an even better human. Admit when you are wrong, it is ok to screw up just do not keep doing it. More importantly get good grades so you can go away to school, far away. Know that lights go together and take them out of the washer ASAP. Treat your love with respect and gentleness and if they break your heart I will hunt them down. Remember that even though you will grow up and be far, far, FAR away I am your mommy. Some day in the future we will be friends but for now you can be embarrassed by me and freak when I come to school and track meets. You do not have to like my rules but know they are there to guide you not to torment you (well maybe just a little). I will ride you and only expect the best because you are simply that and more. Stop being a jackass to your brothers and be the stand up guy you are to your friends. Duct tape lasts a long time and I have plenty of rolls. No one will ever make sauce like momma nor will they love you as much as me. Always come home for Sunday dinners, home is wherever your momma is cooking.  Thank you for making me proud even when I am angry I love you monkey butt. Happy birthday to my first born, Benjamin Edward. You came on the scene early filled with so much charm, god knows some days you need that to get you through! XOXO 

Posted on June 4, 2014 .