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HealthEVoices 2016

I am a voice. Wait when did that happen? It still boggles my mind that people read this blog let alone share it wanting sit and chat about it. CRAZY! But this weekend I will travel to Chicago for the HealthEVoices conference and I am pumped up. The first and foremost reasons are these two- Claudia from   My Left Breast and Jen for Booby and the Beast . I have been following both and "talking" basically since my dx so to be able to hug them is epic. No really, the breast cancer community is tight and these woman are like family to me so this is such an opportunity. To learn from them is going to be amazaballs (how does a blogger who talks like this possibly gets into this conference?).

I do ask myself that, why me? I am not only thrilled to be with Jen and Claudia but I am going to listen to  Trevis Gleason  talk. He is an MS advocate, chef and blogger badass. Plus having MS so I am going to no doubt have an incredible connection to him. I can not wait to hear about what he has to offer. The conference has lined up  Tim Cigelske a social media guru what he will offer me for my blog, Wisdo and Lyfebulb I am jumping out of my seat!


Add a little Yoga, keynote speakers and we have a bang out weekend! Janssen is who we are thanking for sending us on this weekend like no other. Putting us all together, with all different illness is pure brilliance. Think about what can be accomplished medically when those with different health issues get together and discuss what is working and not. In addition to working and brainstorming how to build blogs that will not only reach our communities but reach the masses. WOW! WOW! Yes I use caps and exclamation points, it is how I roll.  

So my bag is packed, my ticket is on my phone, agenda is planned, tiara shined and I am ready to meet, shmooze and make friends with this amazing cast of blogger. #Healthevoices2016 here we come!