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Healing process with a splash of Pink OUT

I have been posting here about birthdays and celebrations and then writing so many posts for Cure Diva that I haven't really talked here about the healing from the DIEP. It has been 3 months and it is coming along, SLOWLY. I guess I had it in my head (remember its scary there) that it would be faster but as my doctor pointed out it was a 10 hour surgery and if he could take a picture of me being split in half he would. I wish he did! Let us start at the top of the healing process shall we.

My new toobs are great just great. They feel real, l look just like how I wanted and they have gone down in swelling-much to Tom's sadness. HOWEVER, I burned one. Yes you heard it here I burned a toob. See there is no feeling there so while cooking and being 4 feet barely 11 inches my chest hits that stir fry just right. Add the fact I was cooking in a tank and BAM burn. Now here is the gross part, I didn't feel it and the next morning I was in the shower and literally pulled the blister off. I thought it was shower gel. I called the doc who asked for a pic to be texted but said to not worry it happens all the time, seriously??? I sent a pic and he called me 45 minutes later asking if i was putting my make up on before I sent it, ummmm I did send the wrong number!!! I can't make this stuff up really that poor person. It did get infected so I was on yet another round of antibiotics. All is healing now with the exception to yet another scar. I go back to the doctor next week.  I am getting bad keloids again and we need to address that.

I talked about the pain in my arm right?? Well I have developed cording, also known as Axillary Web Syndrome.   Not going to lie it hurts! It is tight and feel like someone is pulling the nerves. Luckily I am doing stretches and getting PT to ease in this and it has definitely helped. But please keep it in mind if you feel like something is wrong, make sure you are doing your wall climbs and really stretching. These chest muscle have been through the wringer.


As for my abs, well they still are so sore. I have trouble sitting up from laying down. I have not warn jeans in 3 months which may seem fabulous but I am dying to get out of leggings. The right side is still swollen where the drains were but that is normal. All and all I am healing great just becoming impatient, never been great at that. I have been back to the gym and cycling with my favorite instructors and doing a little weights. When I go back next week I am hoping he oks me to kick it up. I really miss my fit body and can not wait to regain it.

While I have been healing we had the second Annual "Pink Out" at Rain Lounge. It was as always amazingly fun. We raised $3000 with the help of a photo booth, raffles and ticket sales. All money raised went to Cancer Connects and Personal P.Ink and I could not be more proud! I can not thank Duke who owns the bar enough for bringing Miss Darienne Lake, Aggy Dune, Mrs. Kasha Davis and Samantha Vega to the stage. The night was filled with laughter, smiles and phenomenal energy all to raise awareness for cancer, who said a fund raiser can't be fun?? Healing through laughter with family, friends and the fabulous queens, whoot whoot.


 I do feel a little bad for my father, as my brother upstaged him and danced the last dance with Samantha! I am just thrilled my tiara stayed shiny.



I hate saying that cancer gave me this opportunity because I don’t want anything from cancer. The truth is life is what gives you chances. Your kids, family, friends all help to evolve you from those things that life throws at you. Cancer just happens to be part of my life as well as so many. I met this beautifully strong woman named Efrat via social media. We tweeted, emailed and became fast friends. See she lives in Israel, which may sound corny but I think that is so cool. Efrat wanted to actually talk so through the modern technology we Skyped. It was crazy cool! I felt like she was right here not because the connection was great but because we bonded straight away. She told me all about Cure Diva and what it meant to her, what she wanted from it and how she wanted it to help others. The whole time she chatted I thought “this is what I want”. Then she asked me to join and be part of the team. I was overwhelmed with excitement. I thought great I will play on the site. Then Ester contacted me and asked to talk, again in Israel so cool!! We talked and I felt right away an amazing friendship growing. After a few emails asking questions she said she would write a proposal. WAIT….does she mean J O B!? Low and behold she did and I quickly accepted. My family was proud and excited. Julian started to cry “Mommy don’t go to work in Israel”, no honey from home!! I am thrilled not just for this get opportunity but because I believe so much in this page. The page is partnered with Breast which gives immense help throughout the breast cancer process. BUT what Cure Diva does is helps us to stay in tune with our inner (or outer) DIVA. Cancer without a doubt screws with our feelings about being a fashionable woman, trust me I have been wearing sweats, leggings and yoga pants for 6 weeks!! Let’s face it fashion is important and it’s so hard to find the right bra or cami during your surgery or treatment time. Cure Diva is there for you. My gorgeous friend Efrat has asked Giuliana Rancic to be a diva as well. Tell me who knows fashion better?? Glamour mag featured the partnership in an article. I am so honored to be among these strong women who understand that cancer takes so much; we need a space for us to get our style back!!

my fabu friends!!!

The page gives advice about treatment, DX, treatment, products and surgery. That is where I come into play. I will be the “Guardian of Surgery” because well, ya know I have had a few. I could not be happier to be reaching out to women as they embark on their cancer road. I did after all go to school for psychology, granted it was forensics but we don’t need to be technical. There is so much more to having a surgery than just the operation itself. The emotional and physical toll plays hard into effect; I will be on Cure Diva helping those with this road! Please check the page and share it. It really is a great place for us to meet, chat, get help and find the products we need to get us through this thing we call cancer. The only thing missing from the site is a tiara section. Knowing my breastie Efrat she is saving that for me!

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Posted on January 28, 2014 .