Evil Twin

Nurse-“This is just saline to flush out the vein.”
Me-“What no crack or heroin?”                       
Nurse-“No, I lost my supplier.”
Me-“I grew up over here. I could find you one.”
Nurse-“How do you do with needles?”
Me-“Fine. I shoot up daily”
Nurse-“WOW you have good veins, must go between the toes”

Thankfully the wonderful staff at St. Joe’s Imaging understood my sense of humor. Especially, when the nurse told MC I look familiar, maybe I have an evil twin, and she said "NO SHE IS THE EVIL TWIN", thanks beotch! For those who know me wel,l the MRI was not fun. I had to sit still, have a LOUD pounding in my ear, lay on my chest and NOT TALK for over 30 minutes!! I thought my head was going to erupt from comments, jokes and gripes. My sweet sweet friend’s husband Dr. Dave Kunz (radiologist) read my report after and explained it to me (well to MC; I did not understand what the hell they were saying).  He even did an ultra sound on the left breast because there was a spot. Here are the facts:

1.       It did not spread, great for me!
2.       She did not get it all, not so great.
3.     The other boob has a spot that would be “watched”closely, but it is getting lopped off so who cares!
4. Dave is going to send all my reports to Dana Faber in Boston for a reading as well. See it pays to know LOTS of people!!!

Next step….plastic surgeon tomorrow!! We will discuss what he will do and how big, all that good stuff. Tom is excited for that appointment.
Let’s say it again, EARLY DETECTION SAVED MY LIFE! Just you wait, stupid dumb breast cancer, I am taking you down!!! CURE OR BUST because I can imagine a cure....

Posted on June 18, 2012 .