Implants REALLY???

I have to say, meeting with a plastic surgeon about putting implants in really sent me for a loop. Every step is making stupid dumb breast cancer real. I wonder when it will stop feeling like another girl's life? They lop off my old boobs and put tissue expander in and then weekly pump me up to my desired size. Wild! Tom gets no say in this, although he wishes:) Then I go back in 2 months to get the implants put in. Did I mention that I friggin hate staying in the hospital? Although having nice perky boobs that will not require a bra just maybe worth it.  Bonus, looks like our Cape Cod trip should be safe plus NYS Fair, here I come. Yes my children can relax....there will be little boobs there while we are away. This is the boring very short version of a long ass doctor appointment.  Every doctor has been great and I have not been kept waiting at all. I have also done my share of name dropping through this, it pays to know lots of people who know lots of people! Thanks to everyone who has been helping me, I am keeping a list and you will not be forgotten. I feel a little like a mafia princess dropping names that end in a vowel, getting boobs, asking for favors that cannot be refused, and kicking stupid breast cancer's friggin ass!!!
Posted on June 19, 2012 .