And now I am pissed off

We have 4 boys ages 12 to 4 and getting together to watch something as a family is a challenge. There are so many inappropriate things out there and if you know child #3 you know he needs no encouraging. So when we started watching "Cake Boss" it was perfect. For those who do not know its a reality show about a bakery in New Jersey. The family is straight up Italian American and the boys can find someone in our family that reminds them of the people on the show. So needless to say we LOVE the show. My Sammy so much that he wants to go to Carlo's Bakery for his birthday!! At Sunday dinner today there was a preview for a new episode and the mother is ill. The family is shown all crying and worried about her well being. I know, I know I am getting to the point, relax. Sammy lost it. I took him in the other room where he cried and told me how scared and worried he was. He obviously knows I grew up without a mom so he gets that can be a reality for some. Seeing the fear in my son's eyes made me so pissed off like I can not explain.

****Disclaimer VERY FOUL LANGUAGE to follow*****

Go fuck yourself breast cancer! Hate is too nice of a word for your stupid ass. How dare you scare my children. Only I can do that! You can kiss my ass because that is all I will give you. You are nothing but a little bitch slap and I will destroy you. You have no idea what type of fury you lite in me!
Posted on July 15, 2012 .