WOW I am a “blogger”


So I started this blog because my family is so fricking nosey I knew they would want every detail of my journey. When I started it I thought that just my friends and family would see it, so I didn’t give a rat’s ass how I worded things (Tom on the other hand cringes- effin teachers). I opted to not censor myself, keep the images real, I would not sugar coat anything; basically just me on the web! A loud ass, sarcastic as hell, full blooded Italian with STUPID DUMB BREAST CANCER. I never expected anyone to really read it.
Well, holy cancer cells Batman, this blog has had over 77,000 hits! If you Google "stupid dumb breast cancer", I come up and am the first 10 hits; my kids LOVE this (FYI I know you just tried it). I have people visit from all over the country, thanks to my friends in the Netherlands and Egypt, wow!! But more importantly I am helping to change how breast cancer is seen. I am making a difference. I am actually reaching men, women and friends of survivors and helping them through this beast. Guess college paid off, psych major here! Take the fund raising out ($23,810.00 raised and donated, sorry had to toot my own WEGO horn). It blows my mind that all this has happened because I got cancer. Hey Cancer, you picked the wrong princess!
Not only are people reading this, but they come back for more. They laugh with me and cry on the same page. They are relating to me because they hear heir own story in mine. Then to be named a finalist in the WEGO Hilarious health blogger, wow again! I have to tell you I am ranked with some of the funniest bloggers. Damn it all to hell, I would love for any of them to win! BLAHAHAHAHAH who am I kidding? I want the crown. There is a crown involved, right???

BIG PROPS to my fellow finalists, whoot whoot (done with a fist pump) Check their blogs and tell them Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer sent you!
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Posted on March 21, 2013 .