I know this Chinese herbalist in the mountains that has the answer no mastectomy needed

“Read all about it! Miracle cure-all discovered deep in the heart of the Amazon!”

WEGO health challenge Day 7, write the most ridiculous thing someone said about our health. This could be the longest blog post ever written! I have had the craziest thing ever said to me. From saying I don't have "real" cancer, to take 2 vitamins and you are cured, to your so excited. I have chosen the top 3, I was going to do the Top 10 like Letterman, but my kids are so pissed cause SU lost they are incredibly annoying Apparently that is worse than having cancer. 

Let me first state that there are comments made from people that just don't know what to say. I get that, people don't like being faced with the scary reality of life. Sometimes if you just think for a second before you speak things like "aren't you excited to get fake boobs?" Won't come out! Excited? Really, having a double mastectomy to get rid of breast cancer is not at all exciting or lavish. It was the direct opposite. My comment usually was " yeah having cancer is more exciting than going to Disney". 

"You are so lucky to have the easy cancer, it isn't really cancer"! Seriously you just said that? When a doctor uses the words "you have cancer" guess what, it's cancer. When your choices are a double mastectomy or a lumpectomy with radiation, guess what you have cancer! When you spend the next years going through surgeries, scans, blood work you have cancer. If only it was lucky everyone would want it. Yes there are different stages, types but cancer is well cancer.

But the best one ever was a call I got. I had an article written in the paper about me and they put my phone number in there. Sort of like having your number written in the bathroom stall of the biggest bar ever. Thanks for sharing Post Standard, Verizon loved having me go over in minutes.   I got a ton of crazy calls telling me all sorts of advice and cures. A man called and wanted me to come to his house, sure I will be right over. He has the cure for cancer and the government won't listen, oh I am a good listener. If you take these 2 pills you are cured, I have never been a pill popper but this could be the answer. He wanted to know when I wanted to come over, I said now but all my friends discouraged me. I don't kniw seems legit, right?!

Posted on April 7, 2013 .