The future is so bright I have to wear shades

Dear Ann Marie (that is so weird),

Hope this finds you smiling. I wonder if in 44 years you will remember writing this? At 85 I wonder if you remember anything. I bet you and Nikki threw Tom and Andy right in that senior center and took off. I am hoping the children are happy and living their life and making me/you proud. I can't figure out if this should be in the 1st person or 3rd. I just hope they crowned you Princess by now!

This is hard to write today since we lost so many warriors this week. I can't bare to think about who is still in this world and who are not. But yet my mind is racing. Was a cure found? Better yet did they find out a cause? I am hoping that more research was done for environmental factors and cancer. 

Did you remember to take it day by day? I hope that the stress of cancer did not take over your day. I want nothing more than to have you embrace your scars and see how strong they made you. Omg your tattoo, I can't wait to see how beautiful it came out. It will just enhance those scars and make them more badass I am sure.

What happened to Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer?? Did it become all you wanted? I hope it changed how people think about cancer. I just know that it helped empower others to be strong and keep their fists up. I wonder how much money was raised. Did the kids continue the organization? I bet they did, or maybe their spouses did! How many shirts were made? Where are people rocking them?

Did know that during all this you were/are amazing? Did you know how proud your mother is? Your grandmothers? Your warrior angels? You took this horrible, rotten, stupid dumb breast cancer and made it a fabulous, powerful, inspiring journey! Kudos to you old lady. I hope you remembered  writing this, shit I hope you remember where you put it.                  

Live, life, hope-
Ann Marie (41 and proud)
Ps. Do you still have purple hair?
Pss. How many tattoos did you end up with?
Psss. Does Tom close the cupboards yet?
Pssss. How are the implants?
Psssss. Is it like the Jetsons there now? I really hope so
Posted on April 6, 2013 .