The family that tattoos together stays together

 My cousins Elana, Michelle, Maria, Heather, Rosie,and Megan, my nieces Nicole and Jess, my sister Lori, my DAD and myself all got infinity tattoos on May 18th. They have the words "mia familgia" in the center. We don't need a family picnics or cook outs, we don't have to send cards or call every day. We stand by each other through hard times, crazy times, funny times and tattooing times. Whether you laughed while getting it, cried, swore like a banshee or found it crazy you did it with pride. You did it from love, you did it for support, YOU DID IT, now who wants another??
This princess has the best fucking loud ass Italian family on the planet! I don't think Halo Tattoo or DJ Rose will ever be the same. MIA FAMILGIA AMORE 🇮🇹💗

Posted on May 20, 2013 .