Birthday boy

June 4 2000, crap was that really 13 years ago?? Where did the time go? How did you grow so fast? When the hell did you become a wise ass back talking teenager? You were born 4 weeks premature, I told that doctor you were purple! It was 2 weeks in the hospital and the nurses all loved “Prince Charming” as they called you. You were for sure the easiest baby, never cried, slept through the night right away, ate great and never left your blanket. You would read books for hours, literally hours. You were just so happy. A little (well a lot) neat freak even as a baby, you would eat oatmeal at 7 months with a spoon and NEVER spill, we didn’t even own a bib! Then you became a toddler, still so easy. Happy and playful always minding momma and daddy. Even grade school was a breeze, all the teachers LOVED you, friggin brown noser. Then puberty hit you and smack teen age HELL. I will leave it at that cause I am sure very parent understands this.
Yet you still love your momma and tell her your secrets. I can not express how much I love you and how proud I am of the young man you are evolving into. Thank you for being kind, gentle and compassionate. It almost makes up for the wise ass you are!
Happy 13th Birthday to my first born! 10-7CBDEFD8-74361-800
Posted on June 4, 2013 .