Happy Birthday to my favorite son (don't tell the others)

Today my big hearted baby boy is 12. My Sammy boy has a huge love for family, his friends and an even bigger one for sports, he is caring and kind kid and wants nothing more than to make people laugh. He is one of the hardest workers I have and I can always count on him to get the job down. I rely on him for a wise ass remark or to give me a classic Dickie V voice over and over again especially during March Madness. He is a major sports freak, the kid can tell you stats on every local, major, minor and profession league in any sport from soccer to curling ( I am not exaggerating at all he will make a ton of money some day working with his cousin Tommy P). Family is the most important thing to Sam, he needs Sunday dinner and Cape Cod like we need air to breath.

Cancer hit Sam very hard and he had no problem showing it through tears. Every surgery, appointment, scan or check Sam is nervous and worried telling me before how much he loves me and always remembering when I get home to ask how it went. Sam reached out to Lola Scott and Talia an when they died a piece of Sam's innocence was taken and my heart broke watching his face when I told him. When there is a Bravery Bag to be stuffed, an event to go to or a #giveitup to do Sam is right there with an idea to make it bigger and better. He wants to be involved because he has a heart of gold and wants a change!

Today my boy is 12 and I could not be more proud of the kid he has become. His laugh is infectious and loud, he thanks for me for dinner and clears his spot, his smile from ear to ear and is always on his face especially when he is annoying I mean making his brothers laugh and more importantly he has big dreams of going to college FAR FAR away! That being said this is the kid that will be taking car of me and Tom so I know he will be back.

Happy Birthday Samuel Thomas Otis my favorite .......shhhhhh do not tell the others it will cause chaos. 

Posted on September 6, 2014 .