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Can't schedule the surgery until the "surgery scheduler" comes back from vacation. I guess no one can open a friggin' computer page up to a calendar except one person. I was very polite when she told me this because I didn't want to piss anyone off. Here's the thing, the waiting is making me nuts and I am ready to BLOW!!! I apologize in advance for those who are in the vicinity when that happens, it will not be pretty.

UGH UGH AND UGH!!!! The surgery is set for July 20th, not exactly in the next 2 weeks but there is nothing I can do. I have to just go with it, but honestly now I feel like screaming.... LOUD. I want this done and over with so I can make this the past. My vacation starts on August 1st and there is no way in my living hell I am missing Cape Cod 2012 just cause I have stupid dumb breast cancer. I will be a HAM on that beach for sure  (Hot Ass Mess for those who don't get my lingo). Luckily, I will have my husband, children, cousins, Dad and G-Deb to be my minions so it will work out just fine. I always wanted to be waited on like the Queen I am! The doctor says if I play by the rules after surgery I should be OK to go, guess this is the one time I really have to be a good girl. No wise comments remember I have stupid dumb breast cancer!!!

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She's radioactive

Tomorrow I have the fabulous opportunity to be injected with radioactive dye. Doesn't that sound great? NOT!!! I have heard from some fabulous BC (breast cancer that is, a friend uses that to me and I like the way it shortens this stupid dumb thing) survivors have informed me that it hurts like "fucking hell".Actually burns like a bitch was more the reference.  OK, we know I have a high thresh hold for pain but how high we will see tomorrow. MC will be taking me, she said her husband is attaching the roof rack for me to ride on. She does want my "radioactive ass" in her car. She is looking forward to seeing how high my threshold is, I will make her do 50 burpees after just so she feels some sort of pain. I am told I can not be around babies, pregos, or elderly so be warned and stay away. I am RADIOACTIVE (I can not get that song out of my mind). Whoever can tell me the band and who was in it gets to put a light bulb in my mouth and see if it lights up. I wonder if when I dye my hair purple tomorrow if the dye will effect my hair, that would rock!

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Posted on July 19, 2012 .